Digiamberardino & Bordi family names from Teramo, Italy

Posted by Susie Parent on April 15, 2004 at 09:10:43:

I know I have family in Teramo, Italy. My uncle Phil Bordi has visited them, my cousins in Teramo during the past 10 years or so. I have not been able to contact my Uncle Phil due to his poor health. I would like to follow up on my grandfather and grandmothers names. My Grandfather Emidio Bordi and my Grandmother is Antoinette Digiamberardino Bordi. My grandfather came to America in the early 1900's and sent for my grandmother I believe in 1927 or so. They had four sons: Philiberto, Ezio Anthony, Louigie, and Georgio. My grandmother was pregnant for my Uncle Phil on the ship coming to America. I have her passport..Both My Grandparents lived in Teramo, Italy. They have both passed on now. My Grandmother had a brother that she wrote to over the years, (and his, my grandmothers brothers children), my cousins still own, some land on the adriatic...where my grandmother has told me stories of her growing up there. My uncle Phil Bordi has visited them there and has shown me the pictures. I would like to contact these cousins...But I don't know their names...Please feel free to contact me..I would greatly appreciate some information and past history if you have it on my grandparents geneology. Thank you so much...
Susie Bordi Parent

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