28: Castelli,Grue or Soli

Posted by Lisa Colangelo on 06/13/03 at 4:46 PM

Subject:   Castelli,Grue or Soli

My maternal grandfather was Carlo Castelli. He was born inthe early 1900s in Atri, Teramo. I have located his passport and his mother is listed as "Giacinta Soli" Family stories tell us that Giacinta was an illegitimate child. Her father is said to be a war hero by the name of Aurelio Grue. (fought in the Ethiopian war, received a gold medal of honor and died at a young age in Adua around 1896) Family stories also tell us that her mother was an opera singer visiting from England. Supposedly, she gave birth to the child (Giacinta) and left her with ranch hands on a farm in Atri owned by Grue. I have been unable to locate a birth certificate for Giacinta Soli. (Is it possible that there is no record of her birth?) She married Carlo Castelli in the late 1800s, but I have also been unable to locate their marriage certificate. I am very interested in finding any concrete links to Aurelio Grue. I am also very interested in finding out who this opera singer from England might have been. Any help or suggestions you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
Lisa Colangelo

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