Ferrante, Louis late 1800's

Posted by Pam Ferrante on April 27, 2006 at 07:05:00:

Hello,my Grandfather Louise Ferrante came to America when a young boy, lived with his brother in Hartford, Connecticut. He served in the United States Army during WW1. He was born about 1894 to 1897 or so. He married Christina Chiaputo/Caputo (sp?). They has twins while living in Fordham, New York. (1925). Chistina died during child birth.. He remarried to Lucy Tulisano and had Rose and Joseph Ferrante.
Louis had breathing problems from mustard gases during the war, and passed away due to complications around 1944.
Does anyone have information on my family?
Thank you for your time and any information will be highly appreciated. Ciao. Pam


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