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Posted by Richard Justiana (Giustiniani) on March 10, 2007 at 09:37:45:

My Great Grandfather was Gaetano Giustiniani(Nato Maggio 12, 1879 Cesacastino) born he married Emilia Giustiniani (Nato Maggio 27, 1877, Cesacastino)they left Cesacastino in 1905 and went to Niagara Falls NY,USA , his sister was Albina she married Pietro Di Marco. They visited Niagara Falls NY USA in 1907 but returned to Italy, built a house in the Monteverde section of Rome and died there. His Brother, Domenico Antonio Di Marco and wife, Maria Grazia Di Marco ran a Trattoria there with ther son Franceso, and grandchildren Anna Grazia & Alessio. This information was as of 1988. If anyone can add to this for us we would love to find remaining relatives.

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