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Posted by Tracey del SignoreEberle on February 06, 2011 at 10:30:16:

I am seeking to find out about my family heritage in Sulmona Italy so I can look them up when I visit Sulmona this April 2011. the I live in Germany with m German husband and would like to find my family.
My great grandparents-Panfilo & Rosaria (Panalli-Rosaria's maiden name were born in Sulmona, Italy, but immigrated to the USA in the year of 1906. My greatgrandfather immigrated 1st to set up house in Glens Falls, N.Y. (Panfilo del Signore) and arrived to Ellis Island in N.Y. on April 6, 1906 on the ship Italia, which departed from Naples, Campania, Italy. My greatgrandmother immigratred later in 1906 at the age of 26-married with one child(Salvidor age 2) when immigrating to the USA November 16, 1906 through Ellis Island and moved to Glens Falls, N.Y. to meet up with her husband, Panfilo del Signore age 28. My greatgrandmother and great uncle (Salvidor age 2) arrived in NY harbor on the shipped named the Germania and this ship departed from Naples, Campania, Italy.
My greatgrandparents had 8 children (1 in Italy and 7 in NY) else has moved to in their lives.
There seems to be ~160+ del Signore's located in Sulmona, Italy currently and maybe more that have moved to all over the world and I would like to get in contact with my heritage/family. As I said, I reside in Europe and live in Germany-Bavaria.
Our name del Signore, means "of the lord" and for me as a catholic, it is truly wonderful.
If anyone may know of someone that I could speak to, to learn more about my family, that would be great.
My great aunts and uncles names are the following if that helps too:
Franciso (Salvidor), Mary, Guy, Damian (Mia), Rosa, Joseph, Alfredo, Sicelia.
I look forward to your help in my family search of yester year.
Thank you-Tracey del Signore-Eberle


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