HELP NEED Birth Records destroyed in WWII Fire NEEDED BADLY

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Posted by David C Spinelli on May 17, 2014 at 01:56:32:

I have looked everywhere and has numerous people search but no
success. All I can get is a Military Record and Marriage
Certificate. Yet, Italian Consulate in Philadelphia asks for a
Birth/Baptism Record. cannot find one.
I need my Great Grandfather's Birth/Baptism record which all
country/regional Archives/Curia says were destroyed in a WWII
fire, and does not exist. Knowing they were destroyed-based on
what remains-and using principles of logical deduction-they are
NOT automatically generating new birth records HENCE I cannot get
my Italian citizenship which I have been at for more than 5 years
now. HELP me SOMEONE !!!
NAME: Luigi Cellini
Born: Jan 26, 1865 Pastignano Torricella Sicura, Teramo Abruzzo
Wife: Maria Saveria D'Amario born: 1872 Monticello,di Teramo
Married on: October 31,1895
Children: Elena, Mary,(others born after immigrated to the US)
Arrived Ellis Island, NY: March 25, 1897
Settled: Trenton NJ 26 Bond Street
Father: Nemesio Cellini
Mother: Rosa Emilia DeSimone
Can we use his parents birth records for juris sanguinis ?

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Subject : Re: HELP NEED Birth Records destroyed in WWII Fire NEEDED BADLY
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