Forum Posting rules

  • Please check if your place of origin was in the correct Forum Province, otherwise try to find the Province where it belongs and post your message in the correct Forum. In the course of the 20th centuries new provinces were formed. Click here to check which is your province at present.

  • Please do not request or supply names and addresses available from the white pages: to find names and addresses of people and offices, and if you need help read this guide

  • You are free to leave or not to leave, your email address or other personal data in the body of your message. Consider that once you post your email address, you have the advantage of receiving replies to your email box. But you also have to be aware that your address becomes public, and this means you may receive unwanted mail. A solution might be to register an email with a free email service, and use that on the web, keeping your private email for colleagues and friends. Read more in the FAQ

  • In your message, try to be as informative and clear as possible in the "subject" field, that is to say, do not write "searching relatives" but mention the surname and village of your ancestor. That will maximize the result of your posting, since the words you write will also be loaded in the Search Engines.

  • WE WILL DELETE messages including names and addresses of other people, for privacy issues, even if taken from public sources like the Italian white pages. If you need names and addresses, you can use:

  • WE WILL DELETE messages offensive of the common moral sense, of other nationalities, races, religions, beliefs, in the name of the culture and tolerance of the Italian people developed through centuries of foreign domination, sufferings and hardships.

  • WE WILL DELETE messages advertising products or services, for which we advise to use your own websites, since this Forum is not a commercial showcase.

  • And PLEASE do not use all CAPITAL LETTERS, which is like shouting on the web.

This said, you are welcome to leave a message in our Forums.
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