328: Re: Rusciolelli family

Posted by colicchi- AT - windsor.igs  - NAME: Robert on 01/25/02 at 10:21 AM
Subject: Re: Rusciolelli family

My name is Robert Colicchia from Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Ezio and Laura Rusciolelli are my grandparents. I've visited Santo Stefano on numerous occasions. My mom, Ezio and Laura's daughter, told me that there were many Rusciolelli families living in Santo Stefano, but they've all left except for our family and one other family. There are some Rusciolellis living in Toronto: we don't know their names, but their brother, Tulio Rusciolelli (who is now dead) was from Santo Stefano.A few years ago, a woman from the USA came to visit Laura and Ezio in search of her family. She took pictures with them and talked with them, but didn't get much information about her relatives. I was wondering if you were this woman?

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