342: Paesani di Rosciolo

Posted by dangeloni- AT - webtv  - NAME: Daniel Nanni Angeloni on 03/06/02 at 8:06 PM
Subject: Paesani di Rosciolo

Dear Michael DeSanctis--
Grazie for the info on obtaining the autobiography of Francis DeSanctis of Rosciolo. I will attempt to contact him in order to purchase a copy of the book. I will be much interested in it, since my grandmother, Angela Chiara Nanni was a DeSanctis. I'm sure being from Rosciolo there was a relationship there.
You folks out there may be interested that we of Rosciolo, particularly the Nanni clan of Rosciolo, have a bi-annual Nanni Reunion in Butler, Pa. It is usually atteneded by some 150 or more descendents of the Rosciolo pioneers. We particularly enjoy reviewing history and memorabilia from Rosciolo---not to mention the great food dishes which are prepared for the Reunion! Maybe we'll see some of you there sometime!

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