35: Rosati of Ovindoli, Rosciolo (Magliano de' Marsi) and the Sora area

Posted by Elvio Rosati on 09/12/00 at 2:38 PM
Subject: Rosati of Ovindoli, Rosciolo (Magliano de' Marsi) and the Sora area

My Father, Attilio Rosati, was born in Ovindoli in 1898. He was the twelfth child and the fourth son of Domenico Epifanio Rosati and Candida Moretti (who was the daughter of Nicola Moretti.) They had fourteen children: five males and nine females. I know most of their names.

My Grandfather was commonly known as TaTa Buffan' because he was born on Epiphany Day before Italy was united. He was one of the buglers when Giuseppe Garibaldi invaded Rome in 1870 and united it with Italy. My Grandfather was born in Rosciolo (which is a village and fraction of the Commune of Magliano dei Marsi. I have been told that my Grandfather's Father may have been named Giuseppe Rosati -- some have said that it might have been Mattia Rosati. This paternal Great-GrandFather was born in one of the villages near Sora in the present day Province of Frosinone.

Any information will be appreciated. However, seeking information about ancestors can be next to impossible. Inspite of this difficulty, locating the descendants of my father's siblings may be easier. I want to know their names, dates of birth and experation, spouses, children and their spouses and children, et cetera.

Other Rosati and their descendants from Ovindoli are found in Vancouver, British Columbia; Niagara Falls, New York and Ontario, Canada; San Francisco, California; Caracas, Venezuela; Long Island City in the Queens, New York; Rome, Italy; and -- of course -- Detroit, Michigan. I am especially interested in locating my first-cousin, Iole, who married an American soldier of Sicilian descent at the end of World War II. Iole and her husband lived with his parents in the Queens of New York City. I visited with them several times before being shipped out to Korea in 1950.

My paternal uncles were Sabatino of Ovindoli, Mattia of San Francisco, Vincenzo also of San Francisco, Attilio (my Father) of Detroit, and an infant baby who passed away suddenly. (Uncle Sabatino became the first mayor of the commune following the War.) Of the nine sisters I remember Teresa (who died violently at the hands of her husband from Celano,) Rosa, Maria, Nunziata, Incoronata (I think,) Olimpia, Assunta, and Enrichetta. Some of them married men from the Mericone, Angelosante, Liberatore, and other families from Ovindoli.

If you are a relative or a paesano, please, reply -- even though you may not have much information.

Elvio Rosati of Sterling Heights in the Metropolitan area north of Detroit, Michigan.

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