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I e-mailed you directly but answer this way as well, because my e-mail was wrong re: Campobasso. My family is also from that village and we still have relatives going back and forth. (This is how is was explained to me.) Roccasicura was originally part of the Abruzzi/Molise region, province of Campobasso. At some point Abruzzi and Molise became two separate regions; Campobasso (then in Molise region) also divided into two provinces: Campobasso and Isernia. Roccasicura (approx. 1,000 pop.) is now located in the province of Isernia, region of Molise.
There are also cities in both provinces by the names of Isernia and Campobasso.
Lombardozzi, DiGirolamo, Ciarlone are among names related to me. Also, Funaro.

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