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: Searching all of the above names in Lettomanoppello (PE) from about 1910 back.

Hi there- I live in Toronto, Ontario Canada and my grandmothers' maiden name was DiBiase. Born on Nov. 18/1904 in Lettomanopello to Concetta DiPietrantonio & Sante DiBiase.
My cousin Ada (who is sitting right by me), maiden name was DiPietrantonio, daughter of Orienta Ferrante (daughter of Chiara DiBiase & Domenico Ferrante) and Camillo DiPietrantonio (son of Giuseppe DiPietrantonio & Pasqualina Conte- they had 19 children). Giuseppe DiPietrantonio was born in Sept. 1900.
There are many DiPietrantonio's in Toronto, Ontario Canada originally from "Lu Lette" and also many living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA. There are quite a number of DiBiase living in Toronto, Ontario Canada.
The family nickname for DiBiase was/is "Galluch" (translated means Rooster). The family nickname for DiPietrantonio is "Pazzit" (translated means crazy). Neat nicknames, eh?
Anyhow I would enjoy knowing where you're writing from. Perhaps somewhere along the line, we are probably "paesans".
Take Care!

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