Posted by Diane Zaino Smith on June 26, 1999 at 07:59:44:

My family came from Popoli, Province of Pescara. For now, concentrating on my father's side: his name was Giuseppe Paolo Zaino - born in 1897... his father's name was Francesco Paolo Zaino - dad immigrated when he was 17 years old ... had two living sisters at that time, one was Christina Zaino and the other was Luisa Zaino. Luisa married a man from L'Aquila and moved there (I do not know what his last name was, so I don't know how to begin researching any offspring in L'Aquila) - Luisa's mother was a "Santilli", if that rings a bell with anyone. Any advice as to how to go about finding relatives without specific dates, or, in Luisa's case, husband's last name? I know this sounds like "looking for a needle in a haystack", but I DID FIND A LINK TO CHRISTINA when I visited Popoli two years ago --- the key word turned out to be my father's mother's maiden name, "Santilli"!

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