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: My grandparents came from a small town in Teramo called Corropoli.
: My grandfather's name was Domenicoantonio Fondicoli, and my grandmother's name
: was Adelina D'Angelo.
: Domenico was born in April 26, 1881; Adelina was born Dec. 6, 1883.
: Domenico's parents were Gustino and Agnes (D'Agnozio); and had a brother
: named Pio.
: Adelina's parents were Raffaele and Emmanuela (Serafino); and had 2 brothers-
: Lasandra and Pasquale, and a sister-Paulina.
: Adelina immigrated with her family to Philadelphia sometime between 1904 and 1912.
: Domenico immigrated alone (?) about the same time, since he was discharged from the
: Teramo Militia Sept. 14, 1904.
: They were married in Philadelphia Dec. 12, 1912.
: If anyone can help with filling in the blanks-please drop me a line.
: Mille Grazie!

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