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Posted by Anthony Fanticola on October 22, 1999 at 17:13:25:

My grandparents came from a small town in Teramo called Corropoli.
My grandfather's name was Domenicoantonio Fondicoli, and my grandmother's name
was Adelina D'Angelo.
Domenico was born in April 26, 1881; Adelina was born Dec. 6, 1883.
Domenico's parents were Gustino and Agnes (D'Agnozio); and had a brother
named Pio.
Adelina's parents were Raffaele and Emmanuela (Serafino); and had 2 brothers-
Lasandra and Pasquale, and a sister-Paulina.
Adelina immigrated with her family to Philadelphia sometime between 1904 and 1912.
Domenico immigrated alone (?) about the same time, since he was discharged from the
Teramo Militia Sept. 14, 1904.
They were married in Philadelphia Dec. 12, 1912.
If anyone can help with filling in the blanks-please drop me a line.
Mille Grazie!

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