Looking for Familigia!

Posted by Joe Funaro on November 12, 1999 at 11:24:19:

I would love to hear from anyone with insight or knowledge about my Mom's family. Here's some info that I recently received

Our Great, great grandfathers name was Antonio Di Diego. Our great grandfathers name was Nicolo Andrea Di Diego and his wife was Maria Donata De Angelis.
Nicolo was born in 1855 in Lanciano, Abruzzo. He died May 22nd 1918 in NY. He arrived in 1898. Our grandfather was born on Feb 28th 1889. He arrived in NY by 1909. He died 8/17/68. They were from the Chieti area in Abruzzo.
That is on the Di Diego side. On Grandma's side, our maternal greatgrandparents are Michele Ruzzi and Anastasia De Julio. They were also from Abruzzo, but from the San Salvo and Campobassa sections. Grandma was born 8/20/1893. She arrived in NY in approx 1900. Died March 14,1995.
So far as we know the Di Diego name originated in Barcelona Spain and we don't know exactly when.

Any ifoo would be greatly appreciated!

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