Our Lady of Loreto-Brooklyn NY

Posted by pignola  - NAME: Tony Sasso on December 09, 1999 at 22:00:13:

The Italian Genealogy Group, based in New York, is undertaking a major research project. We are computerizing the Baptism and Marriage records for Our Lady of Loreto Church located on Pacific and Sachman streets in Brooklyn, NY. Our Lady of Loreto was the church for many Italians living in the East New York section of Brooklyn. I have looked at the Baptism register for the period covering 1894-1902 and of the 2011 Baptisms in this period, I would estimate that it is 99% Italian. The Baptisms consists of 24 volumes each with about 2000 events recorded so we will be entering the data from approximately 48,000 Baptisms. The records cover the period from 1894 to the present.
The marriage records will only be about 1000 entries and consist of 9 volumes covering the same period, 1894-present.
Several members of the IGG will be photo-stating the actual ledgers for this church. Once we have the ledgers copied we will be looking for a large number of volunteers to make the data entries. Hopefully, I will get 66 volunteers so that each one can enter the records from one half journal. I know this project will not be completed overnight. Entries will begin in late January so that all volunteers will be recovered from the holiday season. We are looking for people with an interest in Italian genealogy (so that they will be familiar with Italian names, the entries are handwritten), own a home computer, and feel that itís time to give something back to the hobby.
These records will be a major help to Italians researching this area of Brooklyn. I opened the first ledger and within two minutes I found several facts about my family that I never knew. I canít describe the feeling I had when I held that first volume in my hands. The book was 105 years old and still in fairly good shape. It was like holding history in my hands.
Other Italian parishes in Brooklyn are planned for the future. St. Josephís in the Bushwick section is already underway and partially completed.
If you have any interest at all in assisting us with this project please email me at Pignola- AT - aol.com. I will give you further details.

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