Letter from Russia.

Posted by hobot- AT - ropnet.ru">George Khobotjev on January 22, 2000 at 21:13:10:
Subject: Letter from Russia

Good day from Russia! My name GEORGE KHOBOTJEV.
I am 39 years old. My small Christian family - daughter Kate 12 years old and mom Zoja 62 years old. We live in Moscow, capital of Russia. I shall be glad if in result of our correspondence you will learn a lot of new about culture of Russia, about a her history and about modern events. Unfortunately, now Russia experiences very difficult times for life usual peoples. After falls national currency of rouble on 500 percents in result of heavy crisis, many products have appeared inaccessible to the majority of the people and to buy food now much more difficultly than earlier. Especially heavy there now situation for parents. Many people in Russia no receive the salary few months, though the average salary now makes only 52 US dollars for month! Therefore I shall be grateful for your any help. That will help us to pass through difficult tests by crisis and will help our small family, the young daughter Kate, which only begins to learn life and else no left from childhood, but already has confronted with by necessity of severe economy for the sake of life.
Each day we shall struggle for life.
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George Khobotjev,

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