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Posted by Marie Ranalletta Hartman on 02/05/00 at 11:18 PM
Subject: Re: Polenta

In Reply to: Re: Polenta posted by Michelle on February 03, 2000 at 14:19:44:

Dear Cathy, Your memory is the same as mine, including your father's statement! My parents would let us use a board and we'd cut the polenta into "territories" with a piece of string as it firmed up. Then we'd all eat toward the middle. It was great! My parents said that that was the usual way families would eat it when they got together. My mother's father (Pasquale Iocca)used to laugh because we loved it so much--he would say that it was only a "peasant dish" after all, and we wouldn't love it so much if it was all we ate most of the time! I just remember that on a cold winter evening it was a "comfort" food that warmed your throat and belly going down, and filled you up nicely. My grandfather would really laugh if he could see the types of polenta being sold in "gourmet" sections today! It does take a lot of stirring, but I still prefer to make it fresh. What a great topic, and what a great memory of childhood!

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