Sorgi - Maccaroni Families from Campli

133 - Posted by cngarman  - NAME: Rosemarie Sorge (SORGI) Garman on 02/09/00 at 7:35 PM
Subject: Sorgi - Maccaroni Families from Campli

I do not speak Italian. My father was born in Campli Dec 1910 named James John Sorgi ( Sorge was Ellis Island version of name). Grandfather was Luigi Quintino Sorgi Luigi Quintino born in Campli on 13 dec 1883, married to Maccaroni Maria born Campli (Pagannoni) abt 1887 .
Will be in Italy March 21- april 4 2000-birthday gift from husband who knows I have always wanted to connect with father's people-my folks were divorced when I was small..Mom not Italian and I never had much info. Thank you for any help. Rosemarie Sorge Garman

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