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Posted by bjalfonso  - NAME: Jim Alfonso on 12/25/00 at 11:41 AM
Subject: Re: Polenta

In Reply to: Polenta posted by Cathy Umberto on February 01, 2000 at 21:25:03:

: I remember eating polenta here in Queens NY on cold winter nights - it was the best thing in the world to warm you up ........ we'd eat it on a large board - the same one my mom used to make her pasta on and we'd all sit around it eating. We'd laugh about the fact that we were eating on a board - but we loved it. We'd always try to cut the polenta so that the remaining would take on the shape of the "boot of Italy" ...... My father would always say the same thing afterwards to my mom (in a loving/joking way) ......... "Kay hurry up and take this board off the table before someone comes and see's how we're eating......this was in the late 50's early 60's - they were great times.

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