Montepagano & Rosburgo

Posted by Paul Febo on 04/14/00 at 7:33 AM
Subject: Montepagano & Rosburgo

Dear friends in Abruzzo:

Can anyone help me find the birthplace of my grandparents (DiFebo) who were born and married in Montepagano. I understand that it is 7 km from Roseto Degli Abruzzi, but in which direction. It does not seem to appear on my detailed map of Italy.
My family and I traveled to Abruzzo last summer and I understand that a town that my grandparents lived in (Roseburgo) has changed its name to Roseto Degli Abruzzi.
Can anyone share any information on this name change. Grazie.....Paul (Di)Febo (Ohio).

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