Searching for Milano relatives from Pizzone

Posted by Brian DiCianni on 04/14/00 at 8:29 AM
Subject: Searching for Milano relatives from Pizzone

I'm trying to find out if I have any relatives in Abruzzo. I had a great Uncle Dominick Milano, he lived in Pizzone and I believed he is buried there. Is there any way to find out for sure? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Update from Forums' Editor

Pizzone is no more included in the "Abruzzo" region, which was named Abruzzi in the Kingdom of Two Sicilies, then after 1861 "Abruzzi e Molise" which included present Abruzzo, Molise and a part of Lazio, the Circondario of Cittaducale.

In 1963 the province of Campobasso was detached from the pre-existing Abruzzi and Molise region and included in a new region called Molise. On 3 March 1970, part of its territory was separated and established as the province of Isernia, where Pizzone is included.

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