Surname Petrillo from Castelmauro, Molise

Posted by ripet503  - NAME: Richard Petrillo on 05/13/00 at 5:58 AM
Subject: Surname Petrillo from Castelmauro, Molise

My father was born in the town of Castelmauro, in Molise. It is in the foothills, about half way
between Campobasso and Termoli, just north of the main road.

I plan to travel to that region in 2001 and stay for about one year to research my anchestry.
I am gathering information on the area around my fathers birthplace, and am looking for any
connection to our name, Petrillo, from that area.

My fathers names was Joseph (Giuseppe?) Corrado Petrillo, His father was Faustino Petrillo, and
his mothers maiden name was Mariannina Iovine. My father was born in 1886 and emmigrated
to New York in 1905, where he worked for a time then moved to Utica New York.

Any words of advice, information on the region or the Petrillo names?

I would be happy to correspond with anyone.

Richard Petrillo
Portland, Oregon

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