Civitella Casanova

Posted by Emilia Di Girolamo on 05/30/00 at 8:54 AM
Subject: Civitella Casanova

I am an author, living in London though my family come from Civitella Casanova and Pianella originally. I am writing a book set in the region and am interested to hear from anyone with stories, passed down from relatives perhaps, in the following areas: werewolves, witches, supernatural, occult or old folk tales from the area. I am also keen to hear from anyone who lived in either village in the 20s-mid 40s who knew my family. My grandfather was Emilio Di Girolamo and my grandmother was Gelsomina Elsa Falzano. My grandmother passed many stories on to me regarding Civitella casanova and Pianella but sadly she passed away some time ago and I only wish I had documented the stories when she was alive. Please contact me if you can help in any way at all.

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