Posted by diane.smith- AT - smitty  - NAME: Diane Zaino Smith on 06/04/00 at 6:53 PM
Subject: Geneology/Pescara

I am searching for any possible offspring of my father's two sisters. My father's name was Giuseppe Paolo Zaino --- he was born in 1897 (I don't know the sisters' dates of birth, only that they were older). The sisters' names were Christina Zaino and Luisa (or Luiga) Zaino. Christina married a Tarquinio and remained in Popoli --- Luisa married a man from L'Aquila and moved there. Their mother's maiden name was Santilli. I would like to have those surnames listed in the Geneology section under "Pescara".
The surnames: Zaino, Tarquinio, Santilli.

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