my greatgrandfather---Pasquale Uberto

Posted by indymed- AT - earthlink  - NAME: Ann Golaski on 07/11/00 at 6:45 PM
Subject: my greatgrandfather---Pasquale Uberto

I am tracing my grandfather's geneology his father's name was Randuccio Uberti. He was born in Tocco da Casaria, Abruzzi. Born in 1-1-1905 to Pasquale and Gemma Uberto.

Pasquale came to America year unknown to me, followed by Gemma and Randuccio and a daughter named Lena in 1911 when my grandfather was 5-6 yrs old.(don't know if that was her name in Italy.)

Any information anyone has regarding my family I would appreciate hearing from you.



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