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Dear Teresa:
I have no way of contacting you directly as I have no address;either E Mail or Postal.
Are you a resident of Canada,the USA,Italy or other?
I have relatives in Rome and Grisciano from both the Micozzi and DiGiammarino Families.
I visited once in the early 1950 with my Uncle Domenico and several cousins.At that time Domenico had two daughters who married two DiGiammarino brothers,
Vittorio and Virgilio.The daughters! names were Maria and Yolando. Domenico had two sons,Dario and Marco who moved to Rome and became Restaurant owners,the last one named the Campile de Marco in Ostia Lido.
Perhaps you are the grandaughter of one of the above.
At any rate I would like to contact you and begin a correspondence to determine where and how the extended family is doing.
As to Candy and her request for information regarding her early childhood which she apparently spent in an Orphanage,I can offer nothing.
Hopefully this message can get to you thru the good efforts of the Abruzzo message board.
I am not very accomplished as to how to really use the service of Abruzzo via the Internet but they have been extremely helpful to date for which I am grateful.
Warmest Regards to all.
Edio Micozzi
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