Rusciolelli family

Posted by losacano- AT - csonline  - NAME: Susan Losacano on 10/21/01 at 3:03 PM
Subject: Rusciolelli family

Hi Frank,
Sorry to take so long in returning your letter. I have been researching the Rusciolelli family through the Mormon Church records. There is a family history library near my home and so it is quite convenient but not quick. My grandparents came from Santo Stefano di Sessanio and both were named Rusciolelli. My grandmother was Anatolia Rusciolelli and my grandfather was Ruzzieri Rusciolelli. I have come across numerous other Rusciolellis but none with the names of your ancestors. I believe that there is only one Rusciolelli living in the village and her name is Laura. She married Ezio Rusciolelli who died a few years back. I do not think that they were related to my family. In searching through the old birth and death certificates, there were numerous Rusciolellis living in Santo Stefano. You seem to come across the same surnames over and over. I have not seen the name of your grandmother while I have been searching. I will look for both names when I resume my search. If you have some birthdates, that would help to locate their records. I will look through all of the information that I have here at home and try to get back to you soon. Susan Losacano

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