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Posted by palharesilva- AT -  - NAME: Darcy Colozza on 06/15/03 at 5:07 PM
Subject: Re: Colozza Family Macchiagodena

In Reply to: Colozza Family Macchiagodena posted by Debora Coloza on 06/19/02 at 5:28 PM:

: Dear Alfredo
: I am Debora Coloza from Brazil and I know that my family (mother side) came from Macchiagodena Italy. We dont have any notice from relatives living there.
: Once we looked for information in Mormons Church and found the name from our father's and granfather's etc.
: My granfather is Josephe Colozza was born in Brazil in 1894 and he is son from Liberato Colozza that was born in Macchiagodena in 1865 and Theresa Moretti from Santa Maria in 1872.
: His brothers and sisters are:
: Cosmo Colozza, Maria Colozza and Carmina Colozza.

: Liberato was son from Giusepe Colozza (1830) and Adollorata Ciccone (de Rocco), all of then are from Macchiagodena.

: I would be happy if you send any information.

: Thank you

: Debora

: :

: ciao Liberato
: : my name is Alfredo and live in Australia since 1962
: : i'M from MACCHIAGODENA santa Maria
: : yuo mast be from MACCHIAGODENA TOWN i did meet
: : people by the name Narducci last time i was thare it
: : was May 1998.
: : i do have relatives in Canada.
: : yuo say that your father did wark in Australia
: : were in Australia? i live out of Sydney in a town
: : colled Wollongong.
: : right now it is alot of fire here
: : Alfredo keep in touch

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