September 2000 - Message 576: colangelo

Posted by efacciuto59  - NAME: betty mclaughlin on 12/22/03 at 4:35 PM
Subject: colangelo

my grandmother filomena colangelo and my grandfather francesco faccinto had a child william peter facciuto and he was born in hartford, Ct. in 1910. Then the next 2 children were born in stamford, cT. That is where filomena died at age 26 and those towns are real close in Ct. I was born in New haven in 1943 but never knew my grandmother and don't know what part of Italy she came from. My grandfather Francesco had relatives in the hartford area, because i just now have found 7 new cousins who came from there. you may write anytime to ask me more at efacciuto59  - NAME: , Betty mclaughlin

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