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: Yes my great grandmother Veronica was born in Poggio, D'Api, Italy on July 21 1862 her father is Francesco Casini. My father and his siblings were born in Scottdale, Pa. and moved to Michigan during the depretion to find work. We most likly have a connection somewhere.

: Rick Tolomei,
: : :my own grandfather, carlantonio casini also came to america to stay with relatives in pennsylvania. we are probably related in some way. is the town you are looking for poggio d
: : 'api???

wow! this is awesome! my grandmother, teresa casini, is turning 88 this sunday. my kids and i will be visiting with her in nyc. i will bring up your message. she knows all the family history...we still own a house in poggio d'api, and nana used to go back every summer until last year when she became ill.

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