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Subject: DiBenedetto's

Seeking information about my grandfather and his parents in Italy. My grandfather was Arcangelo DiBenedetto, he was born in Vastogirardi, Campobasso, Italy on 8 February 1897. Parents names were Anastasio & Louisa SCOCCHERO (not sure if spelling is correct); 2 sisters - Maria Grazia DIBENEDETTO, born 2 July 1895; married Michele SPARVIERI (not sure of spellings here either); Albina, born 1901, died 1944. He served in the Italian Army in World War I (between 1916-1919) and spent 14 months as prisoner of war in Germany. He came to Boston in February 1921, lived in Springfield, MA to learn English, then lived in Torrington, CT, then Mt. Kisco & Bedford Hills, Westchester County, NY. He became naturalized on 13 January 1928. Married Agnes MURTAGH from Ireland on 23 December 1928 in Mt. Kisco, NY. They had 3 children, Anastasio (Stace), Marcella, Bernard. After he retired in 1960ís, they moved to Daytona Beach, FL. He died on 9 January 1976.

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