Sallese/Persico/DeAngelis from Caramanico, Pescara

Posted by nmkramer- AT - enteract  - NAME: Mary Sallese Kramer on 11/29/00 at 1:46 PM
Subject: Sallese/Persico/DeAngelis from Caramanico, Pescara

Hi, I'm interested in learning more about the Sallese family. My grandfather, Antonio Raphael (Tony) Sallese was born in Caramanico in 1898. His parents were Angelo Antonio Sallese (b.1854?) and Jusipina Persico (b.1861?). Angelo's parents were Andolino Sallese and Angela DeAngelis. Jusipina's parents were Pat Persico and Madelina DeAngelis. My grandfather had sisters Asunta (m. Persigetti), Concetta (m. Vigenelli), Grazielle (m. Urbisci), Nina (nm) and Anna (m.Colacchi in Italy), and a brother Michael (m.Bianca DeAngelis). My grandfather's family (except for Nina and Anna) settled in Joliet, Illinois, USA around 1912. Tony married (in Joliet) Lena Darin Perette of Loggio de Cadore, Belluno. Descendants of Tony and Mike live in the Joliet area today. The above family records may not be totally accurate, of course. If you know of this family, please say hi. The Caramanico surname list is so interesting, and contains many familiar names!

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