CAMPITELLI in Abruzzo and around the world...

Posted by JohnPCamp  - NAME: John Pierre Campitelli on 11/05/00 at 9:36 PM
Subject: CAMPITELLI in Abruzzo and around the world...

My name is John Pierre CAMPITELLI and I was born in Turin, Italy, in 1963.
My great-grandfather Nicola CAMPITELLI was born in Ancarano (Ascoli Piceno/Teramo)
on July 1st, 1846 and later married Filomena DEL MORO. They had 9 children including
my grandfather Egidio Giuseppe CAMPITELLI (born on April 8, 1893) who emigrated to
the USA in 1910.

I am very interested in genealogy and history so I have spent the last couple years tracking
down many CAMPITELLIs to their origins in Italy and have come across various towns of
origin, among them:

Ancarano (Teramo), Nereto (Teramo), Quistello (Mantova), Castel Frentano (Chieti),
Casoli (Chieti), Fossacesia (Chieti), Lanciano (Chieti), S. Eusanio del Sangro (Chieti),
Rocca S. Giovanni (Chieti), Perano (Chieti), Sulmona (Aquila), Roma, Pagani (Salerno).

I have indexed all the CAMPITELLIs (220) who emigrated to North America through the
port of New York from 1902 -> 1939 and I am now in the process of retrieving all the
microfilms from the US National Archives to get the towns of origin. Its a long process...

I have also been contacting via phone some of the CAMPITELLIs listed in the USA and
now have a clearer idea of most family relationships and origins.

I have not started to do anything with all the Canadian (mainly in Ontario),
Australian and Argentinean CAMPITELLI even though I have received many
e-mail from different branches.

If you have any information on the CAMPITELLI surname or know of anyone searching
please contact me at JohnPCamp- AT -

For more information please visit my home page at http://members,

Best regards,

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