Piccioni and Gallerizzi or Gallerizzo Families

Posted by AColandr  - NAME: Anna M. Colandreo on 11/15/00 at 10:11 AM
Subject: Piccioni and Gallerizzi or Gallerizzo Families

I am looking for any information of my parents family in Italy. My father's name was Pietro Gallerizzi or Gallerizzo. He was born in Penne, Provinca di Pescara, on December 1, 1892. My mother's name was Carmela Piccioni and she was born in the Isola del Gran Sasso d'Italia, Provinca di Teremo on October 24, 1892. My father imigrated to the USA between 1915 and 1917. My mother imigrated to the USA in 1920. My fraternal grandfather's name was Eugenio Gallerizzi and my fraternal grandmother's name was Maria Antonia Romano. My maternal grandfather's name was Vincenza Piccioni and my maternal grandmother's name was Domenica DeFlavis (I am not sure of the correct spelling of her last name). I would like to get a much information of these families as I can. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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