Cafarelli & LaPenna - Pallone & Popalia

Posted by DonaMaria on 12/31/00 at 8:57 AM
Subject: Cafarelli & LaPenna - Pallone & Popalia

My maternal grandparents were Cafarelli (Roccamorice-Pescara) and LaPenna (from Campobasso-Molise)). My paternal grandparents were Pallone (Cosenza-Calabria) and we think Popalia (Reggio Calabria.) My father's siblings have different spellings of my grandmother's maiden name on their birth certificates :(

I know alot about my grandfather Salvatore Cafarelli's family as I just returned from Roccamorice where I met my mother's 1st cousins! It was a wonderful trip, and my family was very welcoming. I am the 4th family member from America to go and meet with them. My mother's mother Angelina LaPenna emigrated to Canada after many of sisters and brothers. I knew them as well... I've not been to Campobasso, but am considering going this upcoming year. I've written a story complete with photos about my grandfather's little town of Roccamorice in Abruzzo, and meeting my family. It can be viewed at geocities.

I know very little if anything about my paternal side. I knew my grandfather Antonio Pallone, but no history other than where I am told he was born. My paternal grandmother died when my father was just 12 or so, and we have very little info about her, other than where she was born.

If anyone has any information regarding any of the names I've mentioned, please be so kind as to respond through email.

Thank you, and Happy Holidays!

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