Moretti family

Posted by rusdonna- AT - worldpath  - NAME: Donna Mineo on 12/05/00 at 8:15 AM
Subject: Moretti family

I am now a new grandmother, and have found myself seeking info on my extended family. All I know is Nicolia Moretti died in WWI and one of his children, Enrico Moretti DOB apx. 1896 born I think in Corropoli. I know I still have reletives there, an uncle went to see them about 20 years ago. Enrico was engaged when he left italy, Knowone knows why or exactly when but we think he immegrated in 1909 to the US. He may have traveled under a different name, because the ship manefests I have checked are a dead end. If anyone can help I would be very grateful.

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