The American Dream

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Subject: The American Dream

To anyone who wants to read this:

January 11th, 1971 -- Nora, Bruno, Silvana, Laura, Flavia, Delia and Elda: Is this date important to you? It is to me. Our lives took 180 degree turn. Take some time to reflect on the past 30 years and see how coming to America was a difficult but wonderful road our parents gave to us. But think a minute about what went on before that date.

Papa left for America sometime after Aug 1968. Landed here at 55 years old and not knowing a single word of english. Then Nello and Maria. And Dora, who worked in Italy to help as well. They worked day and night, day and night, to pay for our tickets. Don't forget Zio Angelo who finally signed the immigration papers for us.

January 11th, 1971 and we landed in New York. Welcome to America!! Anyone of you older ones remember seeing the Statue of Liberty as we were coming in? I am sure she was the most beautiful lady you had ever seen. I was too young to remember. And we went to Pittsburgh where all the Ateletese had migrated to and started our new life. So as we walk down the path our parents set for us, let us look back at how far we have come and look forward to where we are going. Because at the end we all will have reached the same place.... yet different....

........we will have reached our DESTINY!!!

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