Fortunato/DiCesare in Montesilvano/Castellamare Adriatico

Posted by Stabia- AT - bellatlantic  - NAME: Robert Ferro on 02/01/01 at 10:07 AM
Subject: Fortunato/DiCesare in Montesilvano/Castellamare Adriatico

I am trying to find out info on my grandmother, Viola Limonata Fortunato. She was abandoned at 3 days old and was later adopted by Giacinto DiCesare/Giulia Cilli. I don't know at what age she was adopted but they moved from Montesilvano to Castellammare Adriatico. I found my grandmother's birth certificate and it states that a Michele Catena found this child near the door of his residence, partially belonging to the Municipality of Montesilvano, in the district of San Giovanni. Does anyone have any information about these towns and where I can get a map showing these towns or which Parishes would be nearby? Castellammare has since merged with Pescara.

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