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: : Can you give more information about the Queen. Who was her husband?

: Yes. Her husband was H.R.H. King Umberto. He replaced his Father, H.R.H Victor Emanuele III. He became King in l945. The Royal Family was exiled in 1946 when the Communist inspired Constitution of Italy included the stipulation that no male member of the Italian Royal Family would ever be allowed to set foot on Italian soil again. King Umberto moved to Portugal. He died several years ago. His son, HRH Prince Victor Emanuel lives outside of Geneva. The Prince has one son, the Prince Royal Emanuele Filiberto who is 28 years old. The present flag of Italy is the green/white/red tricolor. The Flag of the Kingdom of Italy is the tricolor with the Royal Shield of the House of Savoy and Crown in the center of the white background.
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