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08/02/01 at 9:08 AM
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: : I'm trying to find the name of a town/village/whatever! of my husband's ancestry. I can only go phonetically...I don't know how to spell it. If anyone can figure out what this place is, I'd appreciate your reply with proper spelling of the place and what province it is in. OK, phonetically, it sounds like this: COMP-O-BOSS (Compalbass?, Campobasque?) Also the village was something like SAN-DAJ-DEL-PASQUE. Any ideas? Thanks!
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: Thank you for your replies! Yes, indeed, it is as you both have replied. Further confirmation has been obtained from family members. Thanks for your help!

maybe I can help you. the town you're looking for is Campobasso and it is a little town in Molise region.
my name is Margherita and I'm from Campobasso too.I don't understand the name of the village but it will be not so difficoult to find. anyway most of the Zezza's are from Salcito village but a great number of them live in Roma.
If you want you can send me some more information about your husband. I will help you if I can

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