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: I'm trying to find the name of a town/village/whatever! of my husband's ancestry. I can only go phonetically...I don't know how to spell it. If anyone can figure out what this place is, I'd appreciate your reply with proper spelling of the place and what province it is in. OK, phonetically, it sounds like this: COMP-O-BOSS (Compalbass?, Campobasque?) Also the village was something like SAN-DAJ-DEL-PASQUE. Any ideas? Thanks!

Good morning
My name is Luigi Zezza and I came from
I think we are relative. Please, give all informations you have abaut your family so I can understand Who you are.
I can tell you everything aboaut our litte land.
My father Fiorino has broters and sisters in U.S.A. in Pitsburg and he worked there from 1968 until 1970.
Please, if you wont Know more information, send me your E-Mail, so we can continue.
I hope you'll answer me as soon as possible.

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