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Posted by rocolaizzi  - NAME: Rosemary Fusco Colaizzi

03/15/01 at 6:29 PM
Subject: Re: Zezza's in Italy

In Reply to: Zezza's in Italy posted by S. Zezza on 03/15/01 at 5:10 PM:

: I'm trying to find the name of a town/village/whatever! of my husband's ancestry. I can only go phonetically...I don't know how to spell it. If anyone can figure out what this place is, I'd appreciate your reply with proper spelling of the place and what province it is in. OK, phonetically, it sounds like this: COMP-O-BOSS (Compalbass?, Campobasque?) Also the village was something like SAN-DAJ-DEL-PASQUE. Any ideas? Thanks! I'm not sure where I should be typing this message. The area you are looking for is Compobasso and it is now in Molise region. Go to Abruzzo site, then to genealogy then resource by province. You should see a list of all names of villages within those provinces. I don't recognize the other name but there are so many and they are very similar. R. Colaizzi

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