IANNONE'S .. I know you are there somewhere

Posted by Jewel1960  - NAME: Julie Iannone on 04/14/01 at 10:06 PM
Subject: IANNONE'S .. I know you are there somewhere

Hi ....
I have some relavtive's in a small place called:


Looking for desendants of:

Michele Iannone born about 1860 he died prior to 1920.
married to Filomena RUBERTO
These Children stayed in Italy!

1. Alfonso IANNONE born Unknown (I was told he was killed during WWII sometime - not sure how)
Married to Yo Assunta STASIO
There Children:
B. Michele IANNONE
2. Leonilde IANNONE Born Unknown Death Unknown
Married to Giovanni DONATI
3. Cesare Giulio IANNONE (my grandfathers twin)
Born January 29, 1894 Died - Auto Accident unknown?
Married to Marietta ?????
4. Giuseppe Antonio IANNONE Born Unknown Death Unknown
Married to Lena ?????
There Children:
A. Filomena IANNONE
B. Michele IANNONE
married to Reginia TERRIACA
Michele and Reginia's children:
1. Lina IANNONE married to Luigi MUZIO
2. Michele IANNONE
C. Clementina IANNONE
D. Raffaela IANNONE
(5) Guilio Cesare IANNONE (my grandfather)
B. January 29, 1894 In Santa Elena.
D. October 20, 1984 In Troy, New York
He Married a women from Casalciprano, Campobasso - Virginia BATTISTA after her death on November 2, 1948 he returned to Santa Elena and Married Rina LEMBO and brought her back here. He also had a sister Mariassunta, and Giovianni that came to the United States when he did. Thank you for taking the time to read this names and I am hopeing one or more of them are familar to you. Hopeing to hear from one of you.
My Email Address is .... JEWEL1960- AT - AOL.COM
Thanks again
Julie Iannone

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