Maria Vincenza Soricone of Pescina, L'Aquila

Posted by dharmon- AT - sierra  - NAME: Dennis Harmon on 06/28/01 at 3:37 PM
Subject: Maria Vincenza Soricone of Pescina, L'Aquila

My grandmother was born in Pescina in 1893, lost her parents in the Great Earthquake of 1915 and
immigrated and was married in Billings, Montana in 1916. She lived there all her life, bore six
children, three who survived infancy, but who are all now deceased. She married Nicola Mimmo
of San Marco in Lamis, near Foggia, also an immigrant. It was an arranged marriage by her brother,
Bill,who was a close friend of her husband, and also lived in Billings. I am looking for any information
about the family history before 1915. Any information about how to go about learing more about
Pescina and its history would be appreciated. I recently visited Pescina and the town cemetery and
found graves and crypts with the family surnames. (Her mother's maiden name was Pera.) We had no
luck in finding my grandparents graves. It may have been, because of the magnitude of the loss of
life in the 1915 earthquake, that individual graves were not used. 75% of the population was
reported killed in Pescina, 3,000 lives lost.

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