Vassalotti / Moffa's of Riccia

Posted by rv956  - NAME: BobV on 07/05/01 at 7:10 AM
Subject: Vassalotti / Moffa's of Riccia

: I'm looking for information on the Vassalotti family from Riccia. I have two branches in my family.
: My Great Grandfathers name was Orazio Vassalotti born 9/15/1861. Came to America in 1888.
:His Fathers name was either Pasquale Nicola or Nicola Pasquale,
:mothers name was Paola Giovanna Mascia. His wife's name was Anna Marie Moffa also from Riccia.

: My other great grandfathers name was Pasquale Vassalotti, born around 1875-1876 in Riccia. He had at least
: one sister Carmella who married Salvatore Lombardi and moved to America. Pasquale married
: Concetta (dont know maiden name). Pasquales fathers name was Giuseppe. They had two sons,
: Giuseppe and Donato. Donato stayed in Riccia and died several years ago. They had several daughters
: Carmella born July 15, 1902(My Grandmother), Lucia, Maria, Anna, and Josephine who apparantly
: all stayed in Italy. Pasquale came to america several times, but died in Italy sometime
: after January 1952, cause he was listed as a survivor on my grandmother Carmella's obituary.

: Carmella (my Grandmother) married Michael Vassalotti, who was the son of Orazio Vassalotti.

: Trying to find any additional information..

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