Giovonni (John) Porreca and family

Posted by MaryPorreca  - NAME: Mary Porreca on 11/25/01 at 8:14 PM
Subject: Giovonni (John) Porreca and family

The above person is my grandfather. He was born on 12-22-1890 to Pietro Porreca and Maria Nicole Valeri. He died on August 7, 1970. He married Lidia Ciafre of Colnella, Abruzzo, Italy. It was sometime in June. They, like a number of the other Porrecas, came to Ellis Island in the early 1900's. They had six children...Peter, Mary, Louis, Ronaldo (my dad), Ida and Eleanor which they raised in Jeannette, PA.(25 miles or so from Pittsburgh,PA). They have a total of 14 grandchildren and numerous great and great-great grandchildren.
I remember holidays at Nonie's. There were ALOT of cousins, aunts and uncles. One of them was named "Big Vince" from Detroit. One of Nonie's sisters had a son named Rudy. There are a number of Porrecas still in the Pittsburgh area.
Of my dad's sisters and brothers only Ida and Mary are still living. They both still live in Jeannett. In fact, when Nonie and NuNu were alive these aunts homes were on each side of my grandparents home. When they passed away, Ida sold Nonie and NuNu's house, but both Mary and Ida live in the houses they built back in the mid 1940's.
As with all of you, I am looking for "the rest of the "great" grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. I am going to write to Aunt Mary and get some more information to help us all find our "roots".
Please contact me at the above address. I look forward to "talking" with you.

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