Ferrara - Meo / Chacabuco, Argentina / Philadelphia, USA

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Subject: Ferrara - Meo / Chacabuco, Argentina / Philadelphia, USA

I am looking for any information regarding the Ferraras and the Meos from somewhere near Campobasso, Abruzzo, Italy.
My great grandparents moved from Italy to Philadelphia, United States of America, sometime by the end of 1800's and the beggining of 1900's. Then they moved again to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and finally settled down in Chacabuco, Province of Buenos Aires.
Their names were Pasquale Ferrara and Adelina Meo. We suppose they got married in Italy, where they had several children. They also had children in Philadelphia (Agustin and Anita) and in Chacabuco (Italia and Velia). They had 17 children in total.
I would appreciate any kind of clue that helps me in rebuilding my family's history.
Thank you!
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