Nicola Di Benedetto

Posted by ciardulli4  - NAME: Louis Ciardulli on 02/22/02 at 7:19 PM
Subject: Nicola Di Benedetto

Hello I am student in Florida. I know most of my relatives and they are Sallese. For a project in school I am writing a sonnet on my grandfather Nicola Di Benedetto. I know many things about him from my mother, aunts, and uncles. However, I was wondering if anyone knew him personally when he lived in Italy and can give me information on him such as what type of person he was. To help narrow the search Nicola was Sallese and lived there until he moved in I believe the 1950s. I am pretty sure that there still are some native Sallese who knew him so if they could answer it would greatly be appreciated.

Louis Nicholas Ciardulli

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